Army Dog Center Okara Spy Dogs Smell Of Success

army dog center okara

Army Dog Center Okara Spy Dogs Smell Of Success. It is believed the thieves fled the scene twenty minutes before Troy arrived with his handler PC Jim Hampson to see if he could pick up a scent. The keen-nosed canine detected a trail and followed it through woods and across fields leading them straight to the suspect close to the entrance of Bristol Airport – two miles from where the car was found abandoned.

army dog center okara
army dog center okara

Army Dog Center Okara Spy Dogs

Dog thieves often target German Shepherds for the same or similar reasons why they target Pit Bulls. German Shepherds may not be as easy to steal as a Yorkshire Terrier, but if a dog thief is looking for an attack dog or a fighting dog, the German Shepherd is a frequent choice. And unlike many Pit Bulls, for which pure breeding isn’t a factor, a purebred German Shepherd also can command top dollar.

Other breeds that traditionally are seen as tough, fighting types — such as Doberman Pinschers or Rottweilers — may be similarly targeted.Another beloved family pet, Labs are common targets for dog thieves. Not only do they resell for lots of money, they are likely easy to take with their friendly personalities. An uneducated buyer will gladly pay $2,000 for a new Labrador.

There is no escaping police dog Troy who managed to sniff out a suspect after tracking him for two miles. The German Shepherd was called into action after a Mercedes was stolen from a house in the village of Winscombe, in Somerset.Police lost sight of the car but later found it abandoned in nearby Brockley Combe, a wooded beauty spot.

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